Kosmos Q Kickin’ Cajun Wing Dust Wings

I’m a HUGE fan of dry wings. I’ve found myself eating them more and more these days. Wings tossed with a seasoning, such as Kosmos Q’s Kickin Cajun wing dust make for the perfect lunch or appetizer. No sauce required.

I tossed some air fryer wings with Kosmos Q’s Kickin’ Cajun wing dust and proceeded to devour each and every one. The wing dust is crazy flavorful and it definitely has a kick to it. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the heat, but then I found myself craving it more and more. And more. I couldn’t stop myself, I absolutely loved it. I loved the kick and I loved the spice.

Kosmos Q Kickin' Cajun Wing Dust Wings

The first time I made wings with Kosmos Q’s Kickin’ Cajun wing dust  I went pretty light on it. It was nice and spicy, but I found myself wanting more. So the next time I loaded up big time with the dust. Oh yeah, my mouth was on fire but it was a good fire. I think I now have a full-blown addiction to it.

You get a lot in each and every bag of Kosmos Q’s wing dusts. The seasonings are high quality and seasoned perfectly. You won’t regret buying it. And you won’t regret doing what I did: buy a bag of each and every flavor to try, then order much, much more!

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Kosmos Q Kickin’ Cajun Wing Dust Wings

The wing dust is crazy flavorful and it definitely has a kick to it.
Cook Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Servings: 6