Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wings

I’ve been using Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce for years. It’s a great sauce as-is, but it also makes for a good starter for making my own BBQ sauce. But until now I’d never tried their Buffalo wing sauce. For some reason, I needed a coupon to get me off my butt and to the grocery store to pick up a bottle. Well, boy am I sorry for having waited so long to try it. This sauce makes for the perfect Buffalo wings. It is exactly what I was looking for when I made a quick batch of air fryer wings for lunch the other day. The right consistency, the right amount of spice, it’s spot-on good.

Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo Wings

I’ve read a few reviews of Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo wing sauce that say it’s too spicy. Well, yeah, each of us have a different definition of what’s spicy, but I definitely found this to be just right. It has a bit of kick. Hey, it’s a Buffalo wing sauce. It contains cayenne pepper. It’s gonna have some heat. But for me, it’s definitely not over the top.

Don’t wait around for a coupon to pick up a bottle of this sauce. Learn from my mistakes!

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Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wings

Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Servings: 6



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