Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings

As much as I love blue cheese dressing for dipping my chicken wings, I don’t want it to  overwhelm my ‘delicate’ palate that I can’t taste the wings. So, I might’ve been a tad nervous when I cooked up a batch of wings and tossed them in some Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo wing sauce. Well, that first bite told me and told me quick that the sauce was about as perfect as you can get. Nice and thick, but not too thick, and packed with blue cheese flavor and a hint of spiciness. But not too much blue cheese flavor and not too much spiciness. Darn good eating, that’s for sure.

Moore's Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings

You can skip the Ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce for wings coated in Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo wing sauce. You don’t need anything except the wings, the sauce and a stack of paper towels.

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Moore’s Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings

1 hr
Total Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Servings: 6



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