Meijer Mango Habanero Wings

I admit, I might have been a little worried when I first opened a bottle of Meijer’s Mango Habanero wing sauce to take a taste. You don’t mess around with habaneros. As much as I’m a fan of spicy food, habaneros can actually just hurt.

Well, my fears were unfounded because the heat is tamed perfectly by sweet mangoes. Yeah, oh yeah, there’s still a spicy kick, but it’s spot-on perfect. Like the other Meijer wing sauces I’ve tried, I found it to be perfect!

Meijer Mango Habanero Wings

Besides great flavors (like this Mango Habanero wing sauce) and perfect consistency (you don’t want your wing sauce ending up in a puddle at the bottom of your plate), Meijer’s wing sauces are all all-natural. No weird stuff makes for better wings!

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Meijer Mango Habanero Wings

Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Servings: 6



Meijer wing sauces

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