Kosmos Q Honey Barbecue Wing Dust Wings

I’m a HUGE fan of dry wings. You know, wings that are cooked up nice and crunchy then tossed with a seasoning such as Kosmos Q’s Honey Barbecue wing dust . No sauce. Yeah, you can have a dipping sauce, but the wings themselves are not tossed in anything but seasoning. I’m happy to see more and more restaurants and bars now offer dry wings in addition to wet ones.

I tossed some air fryer wings with Kosmos Q’s Honey Barbecue wing dust and proceeded to devour each and every one. And quickly. I loved the lightly smoky, lightly sweet seasoning. They weren’t quite what I would call dessert wings, but I sure felt like I was cheating on my diet when I was eating them (even though I wasn’t!). The dust is definitely finger-licking good!

Kosmos Q Honey Barbecue Wing Dust Wings

Kosmos Q Honey Barbecue wing dust isn’t just for wings, nope. This stuff is fantastic on a grilled chicken, be it pieces or a whole bird. You can sprinkle it on popcorn. And on roasted peanuts. Ribs. Anywhere you’re looking for some BBQ sweetness, reach for Kosmos Q first.

You get a lot in each and every bag of Kosmos Q’s wing dusts.. The seasonings are high quality and seasoned perfectly. You won’t regret buying it. And you won’t regret doing what I did: buy a bag of each and every flavor!

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Kosmos Q Honey Barbecue Wing Dust Wings

Cook Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Servings: 6



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