Great Value Thai Curry Wings

Oh yes! The Thai Curry wing sauce from Great Value is exactly what I was looking for. That unique curry flavor. Great spiciness. It’s finger-licking good and then some. I found myself craving more and more, wishing I’d made a lot more wings for my lunch!

Great Value Thai Curry Wings

You can use Great Value’s Thai Curry wing sauce on much more than wings, though you could just use it on wings and be more than happy! It’s also a great dipping sauce for chicken nuggets or tenders. Mix it in with cooked rice. Or noodles. Slather it on roasted chicken. It’s a great all-around sauce and it’s priced right!

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Great Value Thai Curry Wings

Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Servings: 6


3 thoughts on “Great Value Thai Curry Wings”

  1. I assume Walmart has discontinued the Thai Curry wing sauce as I cannot find it anywhere in my area and only Amazon online @ $15 a pop. Do you have a resource for it other than trying to imitate it? Is there a reasonable copycat ($/taste) commercially available? I’ve tried to locate the private label manufacturer with no success. It’s a great sauce and I’m on my last half bottle. Can you help a wing brother?

    1. I feel your pain. Wing sauces come and go and can be hard to find even when they are still being made. Looks like our local Walmart still sells them, so you could try perhaps for mail order.

      BW3s Thai Currey is a yummy favorite of mine, might try that.

      I also make a copycat of the sauce from BW3:

      Good luck!

      1. Mike, I appreciate your response. I tried and was advised that it was “unavailable”. I’ve got other feelers out. I’ll let you know what transpires, if something does…

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