Blonde Beard’s Rooster Dry Wings

Blonde Beard’s is known for it’s wing sauces. But they also sell a wing seasoning, known as The Rooster. It’s a wonderful combination of Cajun flavors and roasted garlic. It has a very low heat level so you don’t worry about scaring anyone off.

The bottle says ‘wing rub’ but I can ensure you that’s not all it’s good on. But that being said, it’s really good on wings. I love the roasted garlic flavor most. It’s a different flavor for wings, for me at least, and reminds me of roasted whole chicken (hint: roast a chicken and put this rub on it and you’ll thank me!).

Blonde Beard's Rooster Dry Wings

I prefer to season my ‘dry’ wings after they are cooked, specially if the seasoning I’m using might char a bit when exposed to high heat. I found that to be the case with Blonde Beard’s Rooster rub when I applied it to wings before cooking them in an air fryer. The wings were much better when seasoned after cooking instead. And don’t be shy with it either. It’s really good and you really can’t go wrong with adding more. You can go wrong with not adding enough!

Like I said, Blonde Beard’s claim-to-fame is their sauces (look at them! Yowsa!) but don’t overlook their rub!

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Blonde Beard's Wing Sauces
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Blonde Beard’s Rooster Dry Wings

Cook Time45 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Servings: 6




I prefer to seasoning my wings immediately after cooking them. The seasoning will stick to the surface of the hot wings better than if you wait until they cool off.

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