Best Store-Bought Sauces and Seasonings

Welcome to my ever-growing list of what I consider to be the best store-bought chicken wing sauces and seasonings, available at your local grocery store or online. if you have a sauce that you think I should try, just drop me a note in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Alliger’s House of Wings

BBQ Wings
Cajun Wings
Garlic Wings
Honey Mustard Wings
Hot Wings
Kamikaze Wings
Singapore Wings
Southern Wings

Anchor Bar

Medium Buffalo Wings

Blonde Beard’s

Black Magic Wings
Chicken and Waffles Wings
Holy Hell Wings – Coming soon!
IPA Buffalo Wings
Rooster Dry Wings

Bone Suckin’

Honey Habanero Wings – Coming soon!
Teriyaki and Ginger Wings – Coming soon!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Asian Zing Wings
Buffalo Dry Wings – Coming soon!
Caribbean Jerk Wings
Honey BBQ Wings
Hot Buffalo Wings
Jammin’ Jalapeno Wings
Mango Habanero – Coming soon!
Medium Buffalo Wings
Mild Buffalo Wings – Coming soon!
Parmesan Roasted Garlic Wings
Salt and Vinegar Wings
Spicy Garlic Wings – Coming soon!
Sweet BBQ Wings – Coming soon!
Teriyaki Wings

Thai Curry Wings
Wild Buffalo Wings – Coming soon!

Capital City

Mambo Wings – Coming soon!
Sweet Hot Mambo Wings – Coming soon!

Frank’s RedHot

Buffalo ‘N BBQ Thick Sauce Wings
Buffalo ‘N Ranch Thick Sauce Wings
Original Thick Sauce Wings
Spicy Honey Bourbon Thick Sauce Wings
Stingin’ Honey Garlic Wings – Coming soon!

Great Value

Asian Sweet Chili Wings
Caribbean Jerk Wings
Medium Buffalo Wings
Mild Buffalo Wings
Parmesan Garlic Wings
Thai Curry Wings

G Hughes

Sugar Free Mango Habanero Wings – Coming soon!
Sugar Free Sweet Honey Wings – Coming soon!
Sugar Free Thai Chili Wings – Coming soon!

Heritage Fare

Buffalo Wings
Garlic Wings

Joey Chestnut

Creamy Green Hatch and Jalapeno Wings
Nashville Hot Chicken Wings
Orange Citrus Habanero Wings
Sweet Sriracha Teriyaki Wings

Kosmo’s Q

Cajun Wing Dust Wings
Garlic and Parmesan Wing Dust Wings
Honey BBQ Wing Dust Wings – Coming soon!
Lemon Pepper Wing Dust Wings
Nashville Hot Chicken Dust Wings


Hot Buffalo Wings
Korean BBQ Style Wings
Medium Buffalo Wings
Mild Buffalo Wings
Spicy Garlic Wings

Legend Larry’s

Bacon BBQ Wings
Honey BBQ Wings
Hot Garlic Wings
Medium Buffalo Wings
Raspberry Habanero Wings

Market District

Hot Honey Wings – Coming Soon!
Thai Sweet Chili Wings – Coming Soon!


Bourbon Honey Mustard Wings
Caribbean Jerk Wings
Garlic Parmesan Wings
Honey Barbecue Wings
Korean BBQ Style Wings
Mango Habanero Wings
Medium Buffalo Wings
Spicy Garlic Wings
Sweet Chili Wings


Creamy Style Habanero Wings – Coming soon!
Thai Sweet Chili Wings – Coming soon!


Asian Teriyaki Wings
Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings
Creamy Buffalo Wings
Honey BBQ Wings

Noble Made

Hot Buffalo Wings
Medium Buffalo Wings

Palace Sauce

Cajun Ranch Wings
Lemon Pepper Wings
Spicy Garlic Wings
Torch Wings

Pepper Palace (Wingmaster)

Garlic Parmesan Wings
Garlic Wings
Honey Garlic Wings
Mango Habanero Wings – Coming soon!
Nashville Hot Chicken Wings – Coming soon!
Ranch Wings
Smokehouse Wings
Sweet Chili Wings
Vinegar Buffalo Wings – Coming soon!


Baker’s Gold Wings – Coming soon!
Fire in the Hole Wings – Coming soon!
Ginger Peach Sriracha Wings – Coming soon!
Gochujang Wings – Coming soon!
Gold Rush Wings – Coming soon!
Hallelujah Wings – Coming soon!
Honey BBQ Wings – Coming soon!
Hot Buffalo Wings – Coming soon!
Jamango Jerk Wings – Coming soon!
Manganero Wings – Coming soon!
Maple Chipotle Wings – Coming soon!
Medium Buffalo Wings – Coming soon!
Mild Buffalo Wings – Coming soon!
Sesame Wings – Coming soon!
Spicy BBQ Wings – Coming soon!
Spicy Mandarin Wings – Coming soon!
Teriyaki Wings – Coming soon!
Vampire Killer Wings – Coming soon!

Private Selection

Chili Wings
Gochujang Honey Garlic Wings
Hatch Green Chile Crema Wings
Hawaiian Pineapple Wings
Hot Mandarin Wings
Peach Carolina Reaper Wings
Smoked Serrano Wings
Thai Chili Wings

Quaker Steak & Lube

Arizona Ranch Wings
Buckeye BBQ Wings
Golden Garlic Wings
Louisiana Lickers Wings
Medium Buffalo Wings
Smoked Jalapeno Honey Wings
Thai ‘R Cracker Wings


Buffalo Wings
Honey Mustard Wings
Spicy Ranch Wings
Sweet and Spicy Wings

Sweet Baby Ray’s

Buffalo Wings
Teriyaki Wings

Taste Domination

Hatch Pepper Wings
Pepper and Garlic Wings

Texas Pete’s

Extra Mild Buffalo Wings
Fiery Sweet Wings

The New Primal

Mild Buffalo Wings


Buffalo Wings
Chipotle Wings
Honey Garlic Wings
Pineapple Papaya BBQ Wings

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